Friday, November 12, 2010

Just a Little Over 2 Weeks!!!!!

I can hardly believe how fast this past few months has been flying by! It feels like only yesterday we got confirmation of our orders to Virginia Beach and now we are almost there! I haven't been this excited about a move in ummm..... ever! I can't wait to watch my niece and nephews grow up and to be an important part of their lives! Since Scott and I are not having kids, we are gonna be the best Aunt and Uncle we can be... to ALL our nieces and nephews! It is sad that we can't play a bigger role in our other nieces and nephews lives, but we can still be part of them even if we live so far away!

I am looking forward to the new life Scott and I are going to make for ourselves! We have big plans for each other! I just feel like things are on the track and we are stronger than ever!

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