Friday, April 8, 2011

In Desperate Need of Inspiration!

Over the past 28 years, I have had a lot of ups and a whole lot of downs, but what I have mostly been missing is inspiration! I have tried a couple different things, from reading inspirational books to joining a new religion. Needless to say, none of them have worked!

For the past few years, I have been at a loss. I just can't seem to get out of this funk.

I have recently been thinking about trying some meditaion and/or yoga. I have met a lot of people who have told me how wonderful they both are for your inner sanity, and G-d knows I would do well with some inner sanity!!!!

I am willing to try anything at this point! I have even been recently considering following Judaism a little more than I have been these past 2 years.

Any ideas?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scary morning!!!!

Had a horrible scare this morning with Dexter! Scott woke me up and told me there was something wrong with his leg! He was limping really badly and would cry when we touched it! I quickly called the SPCA and took him in as soon as possible! I got even more scared when they told me he was going to have to atay until they knew what was wrong! Thankfully he is fine, he has a slight temperature which can cause the joints to become inflammed. They gave me some pain releif and anti-inflamatory meds along with some antibiotics for whatever made him sick! He is doing much better and we are making sure we are keeping a very close eye on him!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome to the Family, Dexter Harvey!!!!!

It is now official! We are a family of 4!!!!!! That's right, we brought him home last weekend and he is just the cutest thing you have ever seen! He is 3 lbs. of adorable. He is 10 weeks old, which puts his birthday on Halloween, and is a Tabby. We have named him Dexter and his big sister Willow has been showing him the ropes! They get along so well. We were afraid that there would be some jealousy, but they are like two peas in a pod.

It's amazing how once you have something in your life that makes you smile the way a new addition does, that you can't imagine life without them in it!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Newest Addition!!!

So, we have finally decided to add on to our little family! That's right, we found a beautiful 10 week old boy who is incredibly sweet, playful and all around adorable! We now have to wait to hear back from the VBSPCA on when we can go pick him up! I sadly don't have any pictures yet, but as soon as we get him home, we will surely be taking lots of photos!

On another note, we just celebrated our little girls 2nd birthday! She turned 2 on the 27th! We had discussed getting her a little brother for her birthday, so we are just making it official!

We hope everyone had a great Birth of Scott Day, and we hope that you all have a great New Year!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Virginia is For Lovers!!!!

Well, its official! I am now (and probably forever) a Virginian! Who would have thought 6 years ago, Scott and I would be back here?

I have been settling in these past 2 days and am hoping to have the new place completely unpacked by the time Scott arrives on Wednesday! Shouldn't be a problem for the 2 Pylate sister'! Picked up all the things we needed for the house today and got it all for a crazy steal! Love you Wal-Mart!!!! Still have a little bit more shopping to do, but nothing major!

I have been spending most of my time.... wait... let me rephrase that... ALL of my time with my family! Had dinner with my family and some friends last night for Shabbos and then came over this morning at around 8 to watch the little ones and have some Smith time ( Smith is the name of my sister and her family ) and I am still here 13 hours later!!!!

I am so happy! I love the new place and I LOVE being close to my family! Only took 6 years, but my sister finally got us back here.... and I don't think she will let us go without a fight!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Almost to the Finish Line!

Well, things have been super crazy here these past few days! Found out yesterday that the movers are most likely coming tomorrow to pack and then Monday to load our stuff and that they could drop it off as early as Tuesday! That means that I had to leave work about a week earlier than I had originally planned, meaning today was my last day : ( 

So, we are going to Va this weekend to finalize all of our stuff, i.e. sign the lease and drop some stuff off at the new place. Then, on Sunday I have my interview for the J. Jill there and then we are back home! Then, depending on what the movers say, I might be back on the road on Monday evening to wait for the drop off of our stuff!

See what I mean, crazy!!! The sad thing is, that I just found out that my sister and Chris will not be there this weekend when we come down! Chris' mom had a heart attack yesterday and they are driving down to see her. So, Scott and I get to practice our alone time with all 3 kids this weekend!!! I am actually excited to have some time alone with the kids! I am sad about Chris' mom though! I hope she makes a full recovery and gets to go home soon!

This will be my last blog for a little while! After tomorrow we won't have a computer until the drop off! Wish us luck and we will keep everyone posted on things as they happen!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Just a Little Over 2 Weeks!!!!!

I can hardly believe how fast this past few months has been flying by! It feels like only yesterday we got confirmation of our orders to Virginia Beach and now we are almost there! I haven't been this excited about a move in ummm..... ever! I can't wait to watch my niece and nephews grow up and to be an important part of their lives! Since Scott and I are not having kids, we are gonna be the best Aunt and Uncle we can be... to ALL our nieces and nephews! It is sad that we can't play a bigger role in our other nieces and nephews lives, but we can still be part of them even if we live so far away!

I am looking forward to the new life Scott and I are going to make for ourselves! We have big plans for each other! I just feel like things are on the track and we are stronger than ever!